On the Streets of Dali

If you’re going to…..I know, the original song is about San Francisco, but I would like to sing about Dali Old Town today.. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you’re going to Dali Old Town, you’re gonna meet some gentle people there.. For those who come to Dali Old Town summertime will be a love-in there.. In the streets of Dali Old Town gentle people with flowers in their hair..

Located in China’s Yunnan province Dali Old Town is also knows as “hippie paradise”.. And it’s not only because marijuana is a traditional home plant here, but because there are many hippies wandering on the streets.. Although I believe that the reason why there are so many hippies here is the fact that marijuana is a traditional home plant.. Some of the locals make money out of it offering marijuana to every hippie-looking foreigner..

In Dali we were staying at Momo’s place.. It’s funny how we met her.. We sent Momo a couch request on Couchsurfing.org but on the day of our arrival we didn’t get any reply from her.. Then wandering in Dali we came across Alyona, a girl from Belarus who was selling money.. Turned out she’s also a couchsurfer and she’s staying at Momo’s.. And then later that day we met Momo and Alyona on another street.. She haven’t checked her email so she didn’t know we were coming.. And yet she kindly agreed to host us.. Momo is a hippie, although she prefers not to use that word to describe herself.. Every day Momo goes to Renmin Road to sell her handicraft.. She’s especially good in making octopuses..

By that time I was already running out of money so I decided to go with Momo do some busking.. So me, Lily, Momo and Donuts (Momo’s dog) were on the Renmin Road.. I was playing and singing Beatles songs, Momo was selling her stuff, Donuts was busy sleeping and Lily was supporting us.. We were making about 100 USD per day.. Perfect, isn’t it?..

It would be perfect if not the Momo’s concern about finding a husband for her.. So after “working” on the street we were ending up in bars with live music, drinking away the money we earned and searching husband for Momo.. Oh those happy days in Dali Old Town.. Where are they now?

Eventually me and Lily left Dali.. Lily hitchhiked towards South and I took the Northern path.. Donuts, our beautiful dog, accidentally ate a poisonous thing on the street and left to lead a hippie life in Heaven.. Momo also left for another city.. She decided to try her luck in some other place.. “A brand new love affair is such a beautiful thing”.. These lyrics of The Beach Boys.. What if not a perfect ending for this post?


6 thoughts on “On the Streets of Dali

  1. Brief, yet sweet and memorable encounters with beautiful people you meet whilst traveling – a joy in itself 🙂

    My thoughts:

    1. Momo is a very pretty lady. Hope she finds her husband in the new city.
    2. I feel sad that Donuts died.
    3. Your blue shoes rock!

    • The sad part of meeting these beautiful people is that as I’m on the road moving all the time, there a moment when I have to leave them..

      Momo said she wants a Japanese husband, but any other handsome guy is also OK 🙂

      Donuts is in a better place now, for sure.

  2. Hi,

    Was in Dali in August 1994. Such a memorable experience. Was one of my all time favourite places during my travels in China that month.

    So many places to visit in the World and so little time…*sighs*…

    Peace to all…


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