Daily life in Dali Old Town

Dali Old Town daily life episodes

A group of people playing one of the most famous Chinese table games, mahjong.. I don’t really know the rules, but it’s always fun to watch players’ emotions when they play.. One of the myths of the origin of mahjong suggests that Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, developed the game in about 500 BC..

When the Communist government took power in 1949 it forbade the game and mahjong revived only after the Cultural revolution.. Mahjong is suitable for 4 players.. And as you can see from the photo, the game is so attractive that there’s always a group of people around the players watching the game..

One of the central streets of Dali is always full of tourists.. On two sides of the street there are souvenir shops selling a great variety of handmade souvenirs.. Dali is one of the most popular destinations among China’s independent travelers and tourists are a good source of income here..

“Do you want a fried milk?” asked my friend and I was confused.. Fried milk?.. How can a milk be fried? I tried a little piece and I didn’t like it at all.. It was dry and a bit salty.. But seems this snack is very popular among Chinese, because this lady business had many customers..

Another street with souvenir shops.. Most of the locals are involved in business.. Here you can find traditional clothes, musical instruments, Chinese tea, bracelets, bags, anything which can attractive for tourists.. I got a nice traditional shirt and my friend said I look like Chinese when I wore it..

While some family members are busy earning money, others are spending that money for daily needs and food.. This beautiful lady and her grandson are thinking what to eat.. The vegetables and seafood are displayed on the street for customers to see what’s there to it in the restaurant..

Preparations for some celebration in a Taoist temple, hidden among the houses of Dali Old Town.. Following the narrow pass between two building we eventually came to the gates of the temple where old Chinese ladies were busy cooking food and decorating the temple..


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