Teghenis mountains, Armenia

We left the town of Ashtarak in the evening. It was past six. Our plan was to get to the village of Buzhakan in Kotayk province of Armenia, set up our tent in forests to stay overnight and then early in the morning hike the Teghenis mountain (2851m). So after loading our backpacks, sleeping bags, water cans and food into the car, we (me, my friends Hrahat and Armen, and Armen’s dad) left the town and drove about 40km to Northeast towards the village of Buzhakan, located on a beautiful spot at the foot of the mountains. We drove through the village a bit further and soon found a good camping spot in the nearby forests under oak trees.

The air was chilly, fresh, and later, when the light surrendered to the darkness of the night and the stars appeared in the sky, it became very cold! By that time we have started the fire already! Armen’s dad was preparing our dinner, while we were setting up the tent. The soup was delicious, especially, followed by Armenian cognac. After we were done with eating, we sat around the fire to drink tea, and discuss our plans for tomorrow, which was to wake up early in the morning and start the hike. And so we did. The night in the tent was OK, although in the morning Hrahat said that he heard some sort of roaring, and to make it more interesting, we all agreed it was a bear, but it didn’t have the courage to enter the tent, because the poor animal knew there was a bearded beast inside.

Next morning. For about a half an hour, or maybe more, we had to walk through the forests. And when we were finally out of the oak tree labyrinth, we saw the mountain range of Teghenis. The weather was just perfect, and although the summit we were gonna conquer was hidden in the grey clouds, we were pretty optimistic. Soon, we began to walk along the slopes, moving up and down, exploring the flora, picking up flowers, listening to the birds’ songs (and by saying “birds’ songs” I mean the loud scream of the eagles) and… when we reached the top of one of the hills and saw the mystical beauty of the mountains… well, we were speechless.

And here’s one of the representatives of the local flora – Helichrysum Setosum, if I’m not mistaken. I brought a small bouquet of those back home and now they stand on the altar as an offering to Buddha in my room.

While we were busy taking pictures, a shepherd came to us, riding a horse. The man was curious of what we were doing there in the mountains, he was asking different questions. I found him interesting: very simple thinking, open heart, open mind, and kindness in eyes… pure soul. I felt he needed someone to talk to. Unlike his horse, who wasn’t that happy of this unexpected encounter with strangers.

We took a little rest, and of course didn’t miss the chance to take as many pictures as we could. But we still had a long way to go, so we continued our way to the summit of Teghenis. Our plan was to conquer the mountain, take rest on the top, then come down, make a stop for launch, then return to the camp. The weather was changing from time to time, it was either cool, or hot, sunny, cloudy, then sunny again. Just the right weather for hiking, I think. Closer to the top, we became more enthusiastic. We couldn’t wait to see the scenery, waiting for us on the summit.

What we saw was beyond our expectations. While arranging the whole trip, we were exploring the web for photos, route descriptions. The pictures were amazing. But none of us could even think of how it looks in real. I guess you are bored of reading this letters, so I let you watch the photos taken on the top of Teghenis mountain, hoping you’ll feel the same we felt there.

We were resting on the top of the mountain, enjoying the view. Was I dreaming? Was it real? I was overwhelmed with warm feelings and positive energy, and with the inspiring creative force of the Earth, or Gods, I don’t really know, and it doesn’t really matter as long as there is harmony between mankind and its home. And in some ways I was envious, because the eagles could see the magnificence of the mountains from above. But are they capable of feeling what I, we, felt?.. Who knows, maybe.

Dark clouds appeared in the nearby skies. It was gonna rain. So we hurried back to the camp. It rained soon. And then the sun came out again. And so was the nature we were leaving behind, driving back to our small town, tired, exhausted, and happy.


6 thoughts on “Teghenis mountains, Armenia

  1. What an amazingly beautiful place! Just looking at the pictures throws me into a state of complete awe, I can not even begin to imagine how great and wonderful the real experience might have been for you! My favorite picture (if I had to choose only one) would be the 6th one from the top – I like how the silhouette sort of gives an idea about how grand the place is.

    PS: The horse clearly doesn’t like you 😉

    PPS: I’m glad you blogged again.

    • Thank You, Nadia!:) Yeah, that’s one of my favorite photos from that trip. I’m glad you liked it, and I’m glad you find the place beautiful, so maybe one day you will visit Armenia to see the mountains?)

      p.s. yeah, I was upset by that fact, being true 🙂

      p.p.s. thanks. I will post another story from that trip soon, about church ruins.

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