Armenia: Snowpocalypse 2012

The first two months of winter in Armenia didn’t surprise.. There wasn’t that much of snow nor it was very cold. The air was dry, and all I was thinking of was a little bit more snow, because I couldn’t take the grey and boring view of the surrounding world anymore. But then something went wrong. I mean, all of a sudden the weather changed completely, and us a result all you can see now looking through your window is white fields. Yes, it’s been snowing hard, especially for the last 3 days… non-stop. Now when I am writing this post I can see and hear the snowstorm.

On one hand, I envy those living in warm countries. I wouldn’t mind to be on some beach in Thailand or Philippines now, drinking coconut water. But on the other hand, I feel sad for them, because they can’t see and enjoy the beauty of winter’s fairy tale.

It is said that it will be snowing until 12th of February, and I am already excited of the amount of snow will we get by then. As the ArmStateHydromet reported, snow is expected all across Armenia on February 11 night.

This is my first winter in Armenia after I left for Moscow in August 2002. So I didn’t really know what to expect and how are the winters here. One thing I’m sure of is that winters are beautiful. On such days I am especially happy for living outside of the city of Ashtarak, because the white calmness is not interrupted by the passing cars and other noises. So one can silently observe the nature and its changes as more snow falls down from skies and the layer of white blanket grows thicker. Stunning!

P.S. All photographs were kindly provided by a friend of mine, photographer Andranik Keshishyan.


6 thoughts on “Armenia: Snowpocalypse 2012

  1. Artyom, i think you brought all this snow from Moscow with you this year! ))) Its an incredible winter for Armenia, i think i have never seen so much snow in Yerevan!

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