Armenia’s Silk Road Trip – 2012

Stories. Places. People.

Armenia’s Silk Road: Prologue
Part I: The Start and The Information Quest
Part II: The Family and The Night in Berdavan
Part III: The Morning, The Coffee and The Fortress

Part IV: The Monastery of Akhtala
Part V: From Monasteries to an Abandoned House
Part VI: The Monastery of Haghpat
Part VII: Father Aspet of Haghpat Monastery

Part VIII: From Kober to Russian Village
Part IX: The Russian Village
Part X: From Dilijan to Vodka Party at Lake Sevan
Part XI: The Monastery of Goshavank

Part XII: The Ancient Rocks, The Strange Drivers and The Caravanserai
Part XIII: Selim Caravanserai
Part XIV: From Vayk to Tatev
Part XV: Carahunge: The Stonehenge of Armenia

Part XVI: A Night in Tatev Monastery, Armenia
Part XVII: From Tatev to Kajaran
Part XVIII: When Journey Comes to End
Armenia’s Silk Road: Epilogue


7 thoughts on “Armenia’s Silk Road Trip – 2012

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