Iran Journey 2015: How to get to Masuleh

Founded in the 10th century AD, the village of Masuleh is located about 70 km southwest of Rasht in the mountains of Alborz. Nestled on the side of the mountain at an elevation of 1050 meters above sea level, the town itself has an elevation difference of about 100 meters. And what makes Masuleh unique is that the roofs of the houses are actually serving as streets and courtyards. As people say, the yard of the building above is the roof the one below.

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How we got there:
We visited Masuleh on a car with our friend who drove us there from Rasht via the town of Fuman (make sure to try Fuman’s famous pastry – kuluche fuman). The information below was shared by people from Iran (and Rasht, particularly) whom I asked for the easiest ways to get to Masuleh.
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Option #1: Hitchhike! Hitchhiking in Iran is easy, but the road passes through small villages and towns, so if you don’t get a direct ride, you’ll have to make your way out of the towns. The main obstacle will be Fuman. Also, after Fuman, there may not be too many cars going to Masuleh. So, it’ll take some time to get to the village, but you’ll make it for sure.

Option #2: Get to Masuleh by public transportation/shared taxi! Take a shared taxi (savari) from Rasht terminal to Toshiba square. It’ll cost you 500 or 700 tomans. From Toshiba Sq. take another shared taxi to Yakhsazi bridge. The cost is 900 or 1000 tomans. From here, you can take a minibus or savari to Fuman. The minibus costs 1500 toman, and the savari costs 2500 tomans.

In Fuman, you’ll arrive in Shahrdari or Valiasr square. You’ll have to get to Fuman-Masouleh station (walking distance). From here, you can either catch a minibus to Masuleh (costs 2500 toman), or a shared taxi for 3500 tomans.

Option #3: Private taxi! From Rasht, you can take a private taxi to the village of Masuleh. The one-way ride will cost you more than 35,000 tomans. You can also ask the driver to wait for you while you explore the village and then return back to Rasht. In this case, it’ll cost you around 70,000 tomans.

Exchange rate: 1$ = 3,600 toman (as of December 2015)

Tehran to Rasht – ~330 km
Rasht to Fuman – ~30 km
Rasht to Masuleh – ~65 km
Fuman to Masuleh – ~35 km


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