Apricot Trees in Bloom

One of my favourite times of the year in Armenia is the early spring when apricot trees bloom. The spring came late this time, and unlike last year, the air was filled with the cold breath of winter until April. But with the first sunbeams warming the earth, the apricot trees began blooming.

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Armenia: Snowpocalypse 2012

The first two months of winter in Armenia didn’t surprise.. There wasn’t that much of snow nor it was very cold. The air was dry, and all I was thinking of was a little bit more snow, because I couldn’t take the grey and boring view of the surrounding world anymore. But then something went wrong. I mean, all of a sudden the weather changed completely, and us a result all you can see now looking through your window is white fields. Yes, it’s been snowing hard, especially for the last 3 days… non-stop. Now when I am writing this post I can see and hear the snowstorm.

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Ashtarak: The Legend of Three Sisters

In the town of Ashtarak, where I live now in Armenia, there aren’t many interesting places to explore.. But the town has some beautiful churches.. The four churches I am going to tell about below are related to each other in a story of tragic love.. That’s the town’s most famous legend – The Legend of Three Sisters..

According to the legend, three sisters lived in Ashtarak, all of whom fell in love with the same man, prince Sargis..The two elder sisters decided to commit suicide in favor of the youngest.. The threw themselves into the gorge of Kasakh river.. When the youngest sister found out what her sisters have done, she also committed suicide.. The prince, after knowing that three innocent girls died because of him, became a hermit.. And on the edge of the gorge, on the spots from where the three sisters threw themselves into the gorge, three churches were built, named after the sisters’ dress colors..

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