Dali Old Town: Bai architecture

According to literature, Dali Ancient City was a gateway to the Silk Road in Southwest China, and also served as a seat of government and a major military barracks for Yunnan Province in ancient times.. There were four city gates facing West, East, North and South, upon which a gate tower sat.. Four further towers were also placed at the four corners of the city wall.. As it underwent many phases of prosperity as well as decline, only the city base remained till today.. The North and the South Towers were restored in 1982..

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Litang Chode Monastery

Litang town is the administrative centre of Litang County in the southwest of the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province of China. The town is located at an altitude of 4,014 meters; its actual altitude is about 400 meters higher than Lhasa, which makes Litang one of the highest towns in the world. And just to the north of the town the famous Litang Chode Monastery is located.

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Daily life in Dali Old Town

Dali Old Town daily life episodes

A group of people playing one of the most famous Chinese table games, mahjong.. I don’t really know the rules, but it’s always fun to watch players’ emotions when they play.. One of the myths of the origin of mahjong suggests that Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, developed the game in about 500 BC..

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On the Streets of Dali

If you’re going to…..I know, the original song is about San Francisco, but I would like to sing about Dali Old Town today.. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you’re going to Dali Old Town, you’re gonna meet some gentle people there.. For those who come to Dali Old Town summertime will be a love-in there.. In the streets of Dali Old Town gentle people with flowers in their hair..

Located in China’s Yunnan province Dali Old Town is also knows as “hippie paradise”.. And it’s not only because marijuana is a traditional home plant here, but because there are many hippies wandering on the streets.. Although I believe that the reason why there are so many hippies here is the fact that marijuana is a traditional home plant.. Some of the locals make money out of it offering marijuana to every hippie-looking foreigner..

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Dali Catholic Church, China

If you walk down the Renmin Road in Dali Old Town, then take a right onto Xinmin Road, eventually you will come across the most unusual Christian church I have ever seen in my life.. It’s the Catholic Church of Dali Old Town, Yunnan province, China.. The church is located at the East of Dali not far from the town’s flea market.. Dali Catholic Church was built in 1938 by the French in the style of traditional Chinese architecture with three sections of double-tiered eaves.. During the Cultural Revolution in China severe destructions were caused to the church, it was closed.. In 1984 the church was renovated by the Religious Department and was listed under the History Protection since 1985..

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