No Purpose – No Moldova

While my friends from Lviv where in Carpathian Mountains attending the European Rainbow gathering, I decided to visit Moldova for couple of days and then come back.. The border wasn’t too far, so early in the morning on August 20 I hit the road.. It was a bright sunny day.. One after another the drivers would take me closer to the Ukraine – Moldovan border through little towns and villages.. Once even an orthodox priest on an old and rusty Lada gave me a lift.. He was driving to a town about 50 km ahead.. There was another passenger in the car who turned to be a historian.. In the middle of the ride the priest and the historian began to argue on Holy Trinity.. Historian was denying the Trinity which the priest of course didn’t like at all.. The rest of the road they were screaming on each other.. The priest would turn his head to me from time to time hoping I will support him, which I did..

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