Tsugolsky Datsan, Russia

The impression that the Aginsky datsan left on me was universal! I’ve never expected to see something like that. But my friend assured me that there’s another datsan not far from Chita, which is even more impressive. Maybe not that beautiful, but the atmosphere there is much better. She was talking about Tsugolsky datsan located about 300 km East of Chita, in the village of Tsugol. As usual, I hitchhiked there and got to the place in some 4-5 hours. Tsugolsky datsan is located 3 km off the road, so I had to walk through the hills along the rocky road. Right behind the last turn the roof of the temple appeared, and then the temple itself. The scenery was so beautiful I hardly could find words to express what I’ve felt.

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Aginsky Datsan, Russia

The black JEEP was riding along the snowy road, making its way through a hard blowing wind. There were waves of snow everywhere around and it seemed as if we were driving on a white soft blanket. Me, my friend Asya and the JEEP’s driver were discussing some topics, which I do not remember now as I was busy staring at the road. Me and Asya, after transferring from one car to another, finally got a ride straight to a small Siberian town called Aginskoye.

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