Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv

Do you like cemeteries? I know it’s a strange question to ask, and yet… do you like cemeteries? I do! For me, it’s a place where I can wander alone in seclucion and think about life and death.. I always try not to disturb dead ones, but, you know, sometimes looking at the photograph of the departed one, I get this feeling I wanna to talk to him.. And we talk.. One of the oldest cemeteries of present day’s Ukraine is the Lychakiv Cemetery, a famous and historic cemetery in Lviv, which since its creation in 1787 has been the main necropolis of the city’s intelligentsia, middle and upper classes..

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Armenian Cathedral of Lviv

The summer of 2009 I spent traveling in different parts of Ukraine.. Eventually, I ended up in the city of Lviv where I found out that throughout the history of the city Armenians played a big role in the social and economic life.. Being devoted followers of Christ, wherever Armenians lived it was important for them to have their church.. Armenians of Lviv weren’t an exception..
The Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in the city of Lviv, Western Ukraine is a historical and architectural monument located in UNESCO World Heritage Old Town of Lviv.. Built in 1363-1370 AD, the Cathedral served as a storage during Soviet times and was passed to the Armenian Apostolic Church only in 2000, shortly before the visit of Pope John Paul II..

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