Roman Korzh’s “Dusty Rope” (in English)

A friend of mine, Roman Korzh, sick and tired of living in a big city as Moscow is with house-office-house routine, sold all the things he didn’t need for traveling, rented out his apartment and having no ideas, no intentions and no plans, left for the Road. He backpacked 33 countries (as of Feb 2013) in Europe, Asia and Africa. Beautiful photographs and amazing travel stories.

Janet Brent’s “Purple Panda” (in English)

Meeting Janet was one of the greatest things that happened to me during my temple stay in the Philippines. Because finding friends with same mental disorder as you is priceless, indeed. She quit her job, sold her possessions, got a one-way ticket from Oregon to Asia, spent a year volunteering in Indian slums, went on Buddhist monastery retreats, shaved her head, temple hopped in Taiwan, and walked 800km in Palawan, Philippines. While you may find her blog not on the road-ish, Janet has a beat spirit and that’s what makes her different from all other pandas!

Emée’s “Oh My Road” (in English and French)

A French girl and her trumpet hitchhiking on the roads of the worlds. I was lucky to meet Emée during her visit to Armenia, and together we did a hitchhiking trip along Armenia’s Silk Road. She has a unique perception of the world around her. Encounters with people, cultures and sounds, written down both in English in French languages – a must-read!

Ania & Jon’s “Hitch-hiker’s Handbook” (in English)

They met in Macedonia; lived in the UK, Poland, France, Norway and Spain; travelled on a Russian cargo ship across the Black Sea; ate cockroaches in Thailand, hiked in a jungle in Malaysia; got stuck at an unofficial border crossing in Cambodia; hitch-hiked on a scooter in Vietnam; got a lift in a diplomatic car through the Turkish-Greek no-man’s land; and did much more. And they share their stories with everyone, creating country guides for hitchhikers based on their experience. Hitchhiker’s handbook, indeed.

Nadia Masood’s “Travel. Food. Photography” (in English)

Based in U.A.E., Nadia’s blog is about travel, food and photography, the halal type. Her travel stories do not include getting drunk, skimpy clothing, or gambling. So far Nadia covered the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, and India. Her blog also includes a few recipes up on the “Food” section that contains links to recipes that turned out great and have become favorites. You can also find reviews of hotels and restaurants she stayed in or dined at together with her husband.

Jo Magpie’s “A Girl & Her Thumb” (in English)

Few days before we actually met, me and Jo talked on the phone, and she said she saw my profile on Couchsurfing and was looking forward to meet me. How was I to know that I talked to Jo, who’s wandering the world in search of new ways of living and being – A girl and her thumb on the roads of life.

Steven’s “Caravanistan” (in English)

AAter vagabonding for years across Eastern Europe and the Former USSR, Steven finally got rooted in Kazakhstan after falling in love with his wife, Saule. Having had enough of long-term traveling for a while, he is now dedicating himself to helping others travel in Central Asia and the Silk Road with his website. Steven tries to give people an inspiration to see something different, and help with the practical details of traveling in this sometimes complicated, but oh so beautiful region.

10 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I need a friend from this beautiful place to shear the history and places of this unique and memmorable world

  2. Hello friend.
    Just found your new blog site.
    I tried to leave this message but it loved me out.
    As I was looking for all your old blogs, to pass this onto some other hitch hikers.
    But just found where they are at bottom of page.
    You still have the best travellers blog intro.
    Love from max.

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