The Tea and Snow Adventure

It was a calm February evening, one of those you enjoy sitting in front of… well, I’d like to say in front of the fireplace in a Gothic house, but we are not in England of early 20th century, and I’m not Arthur Conan Doyle getting ready to tell you another story of Mr. Holmes. I was sitting in front of my laptop browsing the web, when all of a sudden an unexpected journey began. Somehow almost just as it happened with Bilbo Baggins, perhaps, with the only difference of us being not in Shire, but in Armenia. Anyways… It was a matter of 15 minutes. In a short Facebook chat me and two of my friends we decided to take a trip to the mountains… to drink tea. Yes. To drink tea. As if there’s no other place left on this planet except the snowy Aragats mountain about 20 km north of our town. The tea was in the thermos, the cameras were in our bags, and we were in my friend’s Toyota, approaching the 13th century Tegher monastery, located on southeastern slopes of Mount Aragats, when… the car got stuck in snow… with only about 50 meters left to the church.

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Sagada: Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

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Sagada: Echo Valley & Hanging Coffins, First Part

It’s not hard to guess why the Echo Valley is called so.. Many tourists come here and standing on some cliff they shout out loud to hear the echo.. I personally find it very rude! What would you think of a person shouting at cemetery for his own pleasure, to enjoy the echo?! While for most of the tourists Echo Valley is a place where they can have fun, for locals it is a sacred site where they used to “bury” their ancestors..

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Erhai Lake, Yunnan, China

Located in Dali Bai autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province, Erhai lake is one of the seven biggest fresh water lakes in China.. At an elevation of 1972 meters, the lake stretches for 42km from North to South.. Erhai is translated from Chinese as “Ear Sea” (洱 er – ear, 海 hai – sea).. The lake was named so because of its ear-like shape.. Erhai used to be a royal deer ranch for Nanzhao kingdom..

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