Hitchhiking Siberia: The Pregnant Woman, The Names and The Goodbye

The Hitchhiking Trip to Siberia – 2009
On the road from Moscow to Irkutsk
Part Four

On the Road from Moscow to Irkutsk: Part One
On the Road from Moscow to Irkutsk: Part Two
On the Road from Moscow to Irkutsk: Part Three

January 15, 2009. We woke up around noon. Andrey, the driver, said I have time to take shower, while he’ll go and check the car. In fact, I’ve had enough time not only to take shower, but also to read Edvard Radzinskiy’s “Mysteries of History”. Andrey came back at 2 PM only. “It seems that everything’s fine with the car now, so we can leave, but let’s go to eat something before. I’m starving,” said he. Rice porridge, few pieces of bread and lemon tea – that was the only vegetarian food we were able to find in the hotel’s simple café. Both of us were silent during the lunch. Leaving the hotel, I was thinking about its rooms – how many strangers they have seen? And how many strangers will pass by here and rest their heads on those pillows?

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The City of Tomsk, Russia

Tomsk is my favorite city in Russia! And even though some may say St. Petersburg is more beautiful (which is not that far from the truth), still among all the cities I’ve visited in Russia, Tomsk is the number one for me! And it’s not only because of my good friends who live there, or its amazing wooden houses, or the friendly atmosphere, or tonnes of white snow on the streets in winter. Or, or, or. There’s something special in Tomsk, which I hardly can express using words.

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