Ararat – Armenian Cognac

Recently, I’ve visited the Yerevan Brandy Company famous for its Armenian ARARAT brandies. We had a 30-minute tour during which the process of brandy making was introduced, and after the tour we tasted 3 years Ararat, 10 years Akhtamar and 20 years Nairi brandies. Armenian brandy is also known as Armenian cognac. Although Cognac is a variety of brandy named after the town of Cognac in France, Armenian brandy impressed the French so much winning the Gran-prix award during the International Exhibition in Paris in 1900 that the company was allowed to legally call the product “cognac”. I am not a big fun of brandy and prefer wine, but of all three brandies we tasted at the factory, I liked the 10 years Akhtamar more. So if you happen to be in Armenia, make sure to try that one.
Ararat cognac factory

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