Iran Journey 2015. Photographs: The Village of Masuleh

The historical town of Masuleh in Gilan province of Iran, founded in the 10th century AD, is located about 70 km southwest of Rasht in the mountains of Alborz. The old village of Masuleh (Old Masuleh, or Kohne Masuhel in Persian), which was located about 6 kilometers northwest of the present-day town, was founded around 1006 AD. But an epidemic disease as well as attacks from neighboring villages and towns forced the inhabitants to move to the current location. Nestled on the side of the mountain at an elevation of 1050 meters above sea level, the town itself has an elevation difference of about 100 meters. And what makes Masuleh unique is that the roofs of the houses are actually serving as streets and courtyards. As people say, the yard of the building above is the roof the one below.

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The historical village of Masuleh, Gilan province, Iran
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