Armenian Cathedral of Lviv

The summer of 2009 I spent traveling in different parts of Ukraine.. Eventually, I ended up in the city of Lviv where I found out that throughout the history of the city Armenians played a big role in the social and economic life.. Being devoted followers of Christ, wherever Armenians lived it was important for them to have their church.. Armenians of Lviv weren’t an exception..
The Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in the city of Lviv, Western Ukraine is a historical and architectural monument located in UNESCO World Heritage Old Town of Lviv.. Built in 1363-1370 AD, the Cathedral served as a storage during Soviet times and was passed to the Armenian Apostolic Church only in 2000, shortly before the visit of Pope John Paul II..

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Asuncion de Santa Maria Church

The Santa Maria Church in the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia in the province of Ilocos Sur in the north of Philippines is the most magnificently located of all the churches in Ilocandia.. Geographically, it is in the centre of Ilocos Sur.. It serves as the Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.. Perched strategically on top of a hill, it provides a panoramic view from which one can enjoy the delightful site for miles whether looking at the China Sea or into the verdant paddy fields of the valley, the surrounding seven hills, the coastal plains of the town, and the Cordillera mountain ranges.. It is approached by three broad stairways – one from eastern side where lies a now abandoned cemetery with a quaint chapel, surrounding walls and arch entrance; another one from the southwest side at the back of the church leading to the Nueva Coveta road (now Burgos); and the main stairway with 83 steps from the northwest..

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Ifugao Rice Terraces, Banawe, Philippines

The rice terraces of Ifugao province in North Luzon, Philippines, are UNESCO World Heritage site.. Rice terraces are located in Philippine Cordilleras around small villages of Ifugao people.. Some of the terraces are 2000 years old..

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