Tea with Strangers

There’s nothing better than
A cup of tea with a stranger!

We are addicted to tea!
We are addicted to strangers!

In March 2015, me and Nane launched a project in Yerevan (Armenia) called “Tea with Strangers”. The idea behind the project is simple: we take our tea sets, go sit in public places (parks, squares, streets, etc.), prepare tea according to Chinese traditions, and invite complete strangers to join us for a cup of tea! We introduce the tea, ourselves, they introduce themselves. We share our stories, they share theirs. People leave, we’ll probably never see them again. They continue their way, we stay and greet new strangers. Same-same, but different. Different stories, different lives.

The best parts of our conversations and photographs are being posted in the project’s blog and on our Facebook page, so that other people can follow the stories of strangers we meet during our tea ceremony sessions.

Initially, the project was started in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. But we hope to travel to other cities and other countries, and collect stories there, too. So far we’ve visited the cities of Gyumri and Etchmiadzin in Armenia, and Isfahan, Iran.

Our aim is to erase any borders between people who may seem to be strangers to each other, but we’re all water from different rivers after all.

Read the latest stories on our website:

You can also follow the project’s Facebook page.
Who knows, maybe one day we’ll do a tea ceremony in your city, too.


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